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Studio sessions


Marek Bero

What I love about being the bass player are the creative possibilities hidden in the low end of each song.


You can play smooth, melodic lines, hanging on one impressive note, releasing the thunder of the great riff or sticking to the kick drum and being functional and effective.

The choice is always yours.


I believe a great bass line really does make a great song.


It gives you beautiful texture for vocal lines and enhances the harmony.


Simply, I do love playing the bass! 

Smooth bass lines, juicy thunderous riffs or simple functional bass notes for your single, EP or an album.

I am offering you the perfect low end for your recording.

It is crucial that you have perfect, hassle-free and catchy bass lines in your track.  As a professional bass player I can offer my services in this mater. During my career I have been involved in many different recording scenarios, working in the best studios in UK & Europe and learning vast knowledge of styles and applications during the process.

Flexible, creative, high quality and royalty-free bass lines bespoke made for your music.

Offering several levels of bass recordings:

1) online remote sessions - just send me your track in .mp3 or .wav format and I´ll get back to your with your preferred bass line/style, all very swift, made in my home studio (Neve RNDI + Steinberg)

2) recording session in one of the top London´s studios - I can offer you higher standard of bass recording made directly in a professional studio using their equipment (analog preamps, mixing desk, effects, plug-ins, etc.)

3) face to face session - working together in your preferred studio space and making creative process spontaneous and engaging

For inquires, fees and ordering your first bass recording, please, get in touch via email in Contact section of the website.

Looking forward to hearing from you!




Reliable, friendly and passionate bass player with positive attitude - let´s go on tour together !!!

Playing live and sharing the magic moments on stage with fellow musicians, feeling the chemistry with audience and getting the buzz. Yeah, concerts & gigs are the reason why we play, right?

I am always up for this kinda fun. Touring and playing live has been huge part of my musical path. Always loving that feel being on stage and just letting the flow of music lead you to new horizons. 

Let me know when in need of tour-ready, professional bass player.



Air/Edel Studios, Assault & Battery, Dean Street Studios, Metropolis Studios, Rockfield Studios, Sono Records, The Crypt Studio, Resident Studios, The Qube

Maximum Joy, Neverborne, Induction, Rising From The Deep, Damon, Skua (feat. Paul Cattermole), Andy Wright, Gavin Goldberg, Punt Guns, Stroy, Tokyo Taboo, Zodiac'n'Black, Derek Trotson, Low Heaven, Shea Rafferty, Sonata K., Drumphonic, Thomas Geiger, Simply Red, Secret Cameras 

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