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Dystopian life // solo bass & poetry project

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Mix the rawness of Faith No More with the epic bass lines of Muse, the funk drive of RHCP, add the vocal intensity of the Beastie Boys, the existential lyrics and you get into the world of Low Heaven, a musical dystopia whose central figure is bassist and vocalist Marek Bero.

After moving from Prague to London, Marek Bero has been mainly involved in session playing, gigging or recording bass lines for numerous artists and bands on both the London and European scene (Simply Red, Shea Rafferty, Anna K., Maximum Joy and others).


In 2018, thanks to the Punt Guns music project he met producers Andy Wright and Gavin Goldberg (Jeff Beck, Simple Minds, Annie Lennox) and that's when his transformation into a more complex persona as a vocalist, as well as a music composer and lyricist, began. The themes of the new songs naturally began to revolve around questions of human nature, identity and the search for meaning in life.


The idea of accepting the dark side of human nature and at the same time controlling it in favour of creativity is an eternal inspiration and runs like a silver thread through all of Marek Bero's work.

Low Heaven LIVE

Low Heaven LIVE


In concert, Low Heaven presents itself as a solo act, with the energy and depth of the songs built on virtuoso bass playing combined with a distinctive vocal delivery inspired by the sound of 90s rock, grunge and nu-metal bands.

Listen to two demo tracks from the upcoming Dystopian Life EP HERE.

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