My music career started in 1999, when as a 19-year-old artist I joined prestigious jazz combos, music sessions, party bands and I was working with highly acclaimed pop/rock/jazz/funk musicians such as Filip Gondolan, Jazz Efteratt, Infinity,
to name a few.

As a young bass player, I gained so much music experience and technique in such a short time performing along with top-notch professional musicians and music producers. However, I felt that now is the time, where I can move on even further and I’ve started to look for a band where I could express myself more as a composer and music producer.

I’ve entered the rock and metal music scene and almost immediately I was contacted by Five O´Clock Tea, the highly acclaimed nu-metal band. One of our achievements was a performance on the final of the music competition Coca-Cola Pop Star. After a few years touring and performing across Europe I joined the legendary alternative metal-rock band Krucipusk.

We’ve recorded and published an album Amen (2009) and in just the three years time we’ve regularly performed at prestigious festivals such as Sonisphere and at the Ozzfest 2010 alongside the bands like Metallica, Soulfly, Korn or Ozzy Osbourne etc. The heavy touring schedule consisted of 100+ shows a year.

Yamaha Artist for more than seven years. As a professional bass player, I’ve been representing well-known music brands (Markbass, Mesa/Boogie, Ampeg, Jim Dunlop to name a few) on many European music conferences, events and music workshops.

As a session player, I’ve been touring with many artists and bands in the EU and UK and recorded countless singles, EPs and albums. Recent experiences include sessions in Assault&Battery, Dean Street Studios, festivals We Are Out Here and Dimensions with Maximum Joy or Irish tours with Dirty Power

In 2017 I've co-founded Punt Guns band.  A meeting of minds and musical sensibilities that has forged a landscape of electronic rock, electronica and pop with yearning anthems that seek to bring new life to the darkest corners of our existence. Finding an alliance with producers Andy Wright and Gavin Goldberg  (Simple Minds, Jeff Beck …) Punt Guns have forged an apocalyptic sci-fi love epic album that will be released in autumn 2020.

I’ve played 1000+ live shows at clubs or at the festivals.  

Used to be heavily involved in music gear reviews. I have tested hundreds of instruments, amps, cabinets and effects (Muzikus, Music Store or frontman.cz), given out many personal & professional online and magazine reviews and recommendations as well as having published five bass method books, which are part of worldwide distribution through Bassline Publishing. 

My influences:

Muse, Royal Blood, QOTSA, Ghost B.C., NIN, The Prodigy, Tool, Infectious Grooves, Primus, Pantera, J.S.Bach, Alice in Chains, Living Colour, Led Zeppelin, RHCP,  Skrillex, Jojo Mayer-Nerve, RATM, The Beatles, Deadmau5, Steven Wilson, Dream Theater, SOAD, Arctic Monkeys

"I believe in you, man!"

- Andy Wright - Producer (Jeff Beck, Simple Minds, ...)