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I am teaching privately at your home, at North London Music Academy or via Skype/Zoom.






What will you learn?

Every bass lesson is suited to your individual needs. We’ll focus on your technique, tone, rhythm, phrasing, grooving, performance and everything else you’ll need to be happy with your bass playing.

Here are the examples what you can learn about.

Complete guidance for RSL Grades 1-8 



Right hand: fingers style (two, three-finger picking, pizzicato, palm muting, special techniques), slap (thumb, pop, double stroke, rock/metal style of slapping techniques, left-right hand coordination, percussive notes, Marcus Miller-Victor Wooten-Mark King-Flea-Fieldy-T.M.Stevens-Larry Graham styles), tapping (chord playing, two-three fingers style, left-hand dexterity, John Myung-Billy Sheehan-Stu Hamm-Alex Webster styles)

Left hand: well-balanced position, hammer-on, pull-off, slide, vibrato, tremolo, focus on stamina, speed and dexterity


rhythm exercises, metronome work-outs, tone shaping, phrasing


essential music styles – rock, pop, metal, hip-hop,  jazz,  Afro-Caribbean music, blues, funk, soul, classic

Bass heroes studies:

Play and learn the style of masters - John Paul Jones, Paul McCartney, John Entwistle, Mark King, Geezer Butler, Steve Harris, John Myung, Fieldy, Robert Trujillo, Marcus Miller, Victor Wooten, Flea, Tim Commerford, Chris Wolstenholme, Les Claypool, Alex Webster, Joe Dart, James Jamerson.

Music Theory:

Scales and chords relationship, understanding harmony, pentatonic studies, basic music sheet reading, soloing


Sound and maintenance:

amps/cabinets knowledge, using the right effects, set-up your instrument










How does the first lesson look like?

You’ll bring your instrument and we’ll have a chat about your experience and goals you want to achieve. Then we start to play and I’ll try to find out what we should work on first. Sometimes it is a technique, sometimes groove-rhythm exercises or music theory. I’ll check out your instrument and fix it to best playable condition so I’ll be sure that all weird notes accidentally coming from your playing are not sourced in bad technical state of your bass.

Where does the lesson take place?

I am teaching at your home, at studios in North London Music Academy or via Skype/Zoom. All you need is your instrument.  Lessons at your home require your instrument, small amp and cable.

If you prefer to have lessons in a more “academic” environment I am also teaching in North London Music Academy in Camden. Their facilities are very close to Camden Town tube station, there is 24/7 reception and fully equipped rooms.

Lessons via Skype/Zoom are convenient when travelling or distance is a problem.

It's easy to set it up & ideal for worldwide bass education.

How much does it cost?

Lesson one-on-one – 60 min./40 pounds + studio hourly rate

Lesson one-on-one at your home – 60 min./50 pounds

Skype lesson - 45 min./ 30 pounds


4 lessons/ 150 pounds + studio rates

4 lessons at your home/ 180 pounds

4 Skype lessons/ 110 pounds

Examples of courses:

Slap Bass Basic Techniques

Slap Bass Advanced Techniques

Classic Rock Bass

Hard Rock/Metal Bass

Blues Bass

Funk/Hip Hop Bass

Soul/R’N’B Bass

Walking Bass

Classical Music Training (J.S.Bach, Mozart, etc.)

Scales/Modes Training

Chord Studies 5-str. Bass

Special Course Tapping Bass

Odd Times Training

There are available options regarding your experience level: beginner, intermediate or advanced

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